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Find A Therapist who has both the experience and the desire to work with gay and lesbian individuals, couples and groups. Our therapists have chosen to list themselves in certain specialty categories so you can easily find a therapist whose qualifications meet your needs.

If you find a therapist in your geographic area who is not listed in a category of your need, please call the therapist. They may have the experience you need, but may not have listed it specifically on this site. Therapists are not limited to the categories in which they are listed.

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Alphabetically by Name 

Insurance Accepted

Type of License 
    Marriage and Family Therapist
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Gay Friendly, Gay Identified

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Services Offered 

Age Specialties


Therapeutic Style 

Multi Cultural Experience

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Age Specialties
Some therapists work with clients of all ages. Some therapist prefer by desire and/or training to work with certain age groups.  Our Age Specialties section defines the ages each therapist prefers.
Alphabetically by Name 
Here you will find all our therapists from San Diego and Los Angeles
listed by name.
Cross Cultural Experience
A few of our therapists have experience working with people of different cultures.
Geographical Location 
For your convenience therapists are listed by County, City and Neighborhood. 
All our therapists are Gay-Friendly.  Some have chosen to identify themselves as Gay or Lesbian.
Insurance Accepted
Any of our therapists can accept your PPO insurance if you are able to freely choose.  Others have become providers for specific insurance and managed care companies.
Services Offered
All of our therapists will see you as an individual or as a couple. Some therapists offer additional services such as groups, workshops, etc
Special Interests  Our therapists, either by training or experience, have identified special interest in specific areas.  Therapists are listed here under these interests, i.e., Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, etc.
Therapeutic Style 
Typically therapist work within a range of therapy styles or Theoretical Orientation.  Therapists are listed under these orientations or style of doing therapy.
Type of License
To date we have three types of licensed professionals, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychiatrist.  You will find therapists listed by their license.
If you find a therapist in your area and they are not listed in a specific area of  your need please call and talk with the therapist so you can better understand how they approach therapy and how they can work with you....




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